Delicate & Attentive Movers

Our delicate and attentive movers are trained, experienced relocation experts. Our modern moving trucks are equipped with everything needed for a smooth move.

Moving blankets and shrink wrap are readily available and used to protect your furniture from scratches while in transport, from the elements and from accumulating any dirt and grime on moving day. TSM Moving trucks come equipped with extra moving tape for securing moving pads and packing boxes. Our two-wheelers allow for quick loading and unloading of your furniture, and our straps and bungee cords make sure your items are carefully secured during relocation. Our delicate movers bring all the tools required to disassemble and reassemble larger furniture and our moving truck ramp makes moving your home easy. When our professional movers arrive, they will lay down floor runners to ensure your house stays clean on moving day and will offer you FREE wardrobe boxes to pack up your closet with ease. If you require additional moving boxes for last minute packing, they will have those as well. All these things make sure that you can Move with Peace of Mind.

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Trusted Car Moving and Vehicle Transport Services

In today’s modern-day family, there are usually multiple vehicles to worry about relocating when moving to a different city or province. Whether you’re moving from Calgary to Edmonton, or from Alberta to British Columbia, we can help transport your vehicle/s with care. Our long-distance movers are skilled car transportation professionals and can load and unload your car into our enclosed moving trucks with ease, strap them in with care and get them to your new home in the condition they left, on time.

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Discrete Movers

We understand that customers may have sensitive or private belongings to relocate; TSM Moving offers discrete white glove moving services for these situations. Our movers are quick, quiet, ensure your privacy is protected and none of your customers packed boxes are opened (unless you have chosen unpacking services), photographed or shared with the public. We have successfully moved and received referrals from several sports professionals and well known public figures over the past 28 years in business. We promise to never block the entire street, making sure your neighbours aren’t annoyed by our presence. You can Move with Peace of Mind.

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