When it comes to providing cost-effective Calgary moving services, few local movers can compete with TSM. We are not as interested in getting you to sign on the dotted line as we are with being able to provide you with exceptional service. We believe we are better able to meet your moving needs than other companies who have less experience and commitment to your relocation. Call us to request a free moving quote and see what has made us leaders in the moving industry.

Full-Service Moving

Careful packing and unpacking are what sets us apart from the crowd. If you’re on a tight timeline or just need some help getting ready to move, our experienced packers can come in and lend a hand. We’ll show up with boxes, packing materials, paper, and tape to professionally pack your belongings for the move. If you’d like to help out, we can offer partial packing as a service to assist you in saving time.

Our Fragile-Only kitchen packers are highly skilled in handling chinaware and other breakables that would otherwise occupy your thoughts during relocation. Let us take the worry out of the packing process and provide superior peace of mind that everything you own is packed and ensured in such a way as to make moving much more enjoyable.

Additional Moving Supplies

If you need extra boxes, packing tape, or packing material, let us know, and we’ll make sure delivery to your location occurs in plenty of time for you to get packed. We sell moving supplies at cost to prevent overextension of your budget. After your move, we’ll buy back any boxes you’ve taken care of during the move.

Transportation Experts

On moving day, you’ll see why we are a 5-star rated moving company- our Calgary moving services are not only affordable, but they are sought out by locals as being reliable and trustworthy. Our movers use blankets and shrink wrap to protect furniture and other belongings from becoming scratched, dented, or otherwise damaged during transit. Straps and bungee cords are used to keep items secured during transportation. You can see a complete itinerary of our Calgary moving services by clicking the ‘Services’ link on our site.

Vehicle Transport at the Best Prices in the City

If you’re planning a complicated long-distance move, we can provide vehicle transport that keeps your move under budget. Our professional movers are also skilled automobile transportation professionals, highly experienced in loading and unloading vehicles into enclosed moving trucks and strapping them down with the care you expect and deserve.

Whatever your relocation needs, TSM can handle every aspect with the professionalism we have built our reputation on. One look and it’s easy to see why we have grown to the position of being a trusted relocation expert offering the most reliable Calgary moving services obtainable. Don’t take our word for it- read real client reviews on the Web to see how we measure up with our competition.