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Kari Chartrand, Manager TSM Moving

After over 28 years of providing quality local and long distance moving services to Calgarians, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Andy Decou have decided to retire from the driver’s seat at TSM Moving. Andy is looking forward to concentrating on other business pursuits and spending quality time with his grandchildren. We wish him the best on his journey and thank him for his many years of service, hard work and contributions to the moving industry. He leaves behind longtime Dispatcher, Office Manager Kari Chartrand, Customer Service Specialist Cheryl Alvarez and Moving Crews in complete confidence to new ownership.

Scott Burley, Owner 2 Burley Men Moving

“The decision to unite with TSM Moving is the result of many years of a shared vision of providing cost-effective, quality movers to Canadian Families. The acquisition will combine the strengths of both organizations and better serve the Local Calgary and Long Distance Moving Markets in Western Canada.” says the new owner, Scott Burley of 2 Burley Men Moving.

The attainment of TSM Moving is a wonderful opportunity for 2 Burley Men to move forward – pun intended, in the Alberta Market with a team that has a proven reputation in Calgary. There will be no significant changes to the day to day operation of the TSM Moving branch or branding as their policies and procedures are compliant with those of the Burley Group. You will, however, start noticing new moving trucks operating in the city proudly sporting the 2 Burley Men Logo British Columbians have come to recognize.

Local or Long Distance Movers in Calgary

The 2 Burley Men family have begun advertising on local bus stops and billboards in both Calgary, Edmonton and on the highways between Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Both Local and Long Distance Moving reservations are starting to roll in, and Albertans are welcoming the group to the province with open arms. TSM Moving is honoured to continue being a part of and giving back to the community in 2018 and for years to come.

Are you planning a move in 2018? If so, you can find great Moving Tips and Advice on the TSM Moving website here.

home staging calgary ab

The Holidays can be stressful with hosting guests and buying gifts and everything else the season entails. Add trying to sell your home on top of that, and it can get a little overwhelming. So we put together some tips, tricks, and advice to help you deck the halls without hurting your sale.


While your life-size Nativity scene may be a time-honoured tradition, it can put off potential buyers and creates business and clutter. Try to keep decorations neutral and impersonal. You want your buyers to be able to imagine themselves in this space. It is important at any time of the year to remove family photos and other personal objects to allow potential buyers to inhabit the space in their imaginations. Keep the décor wintery without being obnoxious.


Keep it elegant and minimal. Go for simple string lights instead of inflatable snowmen, a classic wreath as opposed to full-size reindeer on the roof, etc. If no one else on your street really decorates for the holidays, downsize even more. If your neighbourhood goes all out, you can go a little crazier, but you don’t want to drive away potential buyers with the flash and glitz of too much décor.

Skip the Tree

This may be hard, but once you’ve staged your home, a Christmas tree can really throw off the flow and feel of a room. If you have a huge tree, it can make space feel cramped; a small or poorly made fake tree can look depressing or cheap. Unless you’re showing off your three-story vaulted ceiling with a towering conifer, pass on the tree in favour of selling.

Make it Cozy

This is the most wonderful time of the year, or so I’ve heard. Play up the cold outside and the holiday spirit. Stir up a roaring fire, play soft classical music, make the house smell like apples and cinnamon, bake your viewers some holiday treats. What you should tone down in visible decoration, feel free to exaggerate with hospitality and holiday cheer.

Compliment your Color Palette

Try to decorate to your home’s strengths. If the palette is cool, avoid clashing reds and golds and go for a more wintery scene with whites and silvers. If the palette is warm, go as cozy as you like with evergreen and candlelight.

Focus on Curb Appeal

Winter strips the grass of colour and the trees of leaves, so do what you can to make the exterior of your home as appealing as possible. Rake any winter debris, shovel the sidewalk and driveway, touch up the paint, and clean out the gutters. Try to make the best of the season!

Stay Safe

Don’t put presents under the tree or stacked around, even if it looks nice. Lock them in the trunk of a car where nosy house hunters won’t stumble across them, and opportunistic thieves can’t get them.

Enjoy the season!

This is a lovely time of year to spend with family and friends, so don’t get too wrapped up in selling your home and forget to enjoy it. Talk to your realtor about whether keeping your home on the market during the holidays is right for you, and if not, unlist it until the new year comes around and get a fresh start. Do what’s best for you!


Housewarming Party Tips


When moving into a new or first home, a Housewarming Party is a great way to celebrate and present your new home to family and friends, and for them to give gifts to help furnish the new home.

When to have a Housewarming Party?

Planning the event with timing in mind is important for your guests: Will they be in school? At work? Try to keep the needs and wellbeing of everyone invited in mind when choosing a date and time for your Welcome Party.

  • It is recommended to give at least a week to three weeks notice to guests
  • Present your invitation as an "open house" where people are free to come and go during a fixed window of time 

Get Your Free Housewarming Invite Templates

Who should you invite to your Housewarming Party?

Decide who you want to include in the celebration and make sure you notify them well ahead of time to ensure their availability and to make the logistics easier on yourself. It is recommended to invite close family, friends and co-workers. You may want to invite your realtor, mortgage broker and or anyone else who helped make your new home a possibility. Consider inviting a few of your new neighbours. This allows you to introduce yourself and meet new people in the neighbourhood.


Where will you have your Housewarming party?

Depending on the number of people you have decided to invite, it is tradition to hold the Housewarming Party in your new home. However, if your guest list is large you may want to consider expanding your party to include your new yard/balcony/deck or look into renting out a local community hall or park.

  • Clean the house, it is after all the STAR of the show
  • If you expect children or have kids of your own, be sure to plan activities to keep the younger guests occupied so the adults are free to focus on conversation
  • Make sure you have plenty of seating and/or encourage guests to bring extra chairs with them if possible


What should you serve at your Housewarming?

Choose an age-appropriate menu: for example, a party made up entirely of middle-aged adults wouldn’t want a meal of hotdogs and mac-and-cheese, whereas a children’s party would go ballistic for the same options. If you’re not sure if there are vegetarians, vegans, or people with food sensitivities among the guests, try to provide a few tasty options that cater to dietary restrictions but can still be enjoyed by everyone. The same goes for drinks. Keep the margaritas out of reach of the little ones.

Get 3 Easy Party Appetizer Ideas here


Have fun!

Last but not least, enjoy your hard work![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

how to change your calgary address

Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be stressful changing your address. To take the hassle and anxiety out of this step of the moving process, we’ve compiled all the necessary steps (along with some tips and reminders) just for you!

  • You can make a change of address for government-related needs online. This will cover tax documents, benefits, and other official government correspondence. If you’d rather call or fax to change your address, that information can be found on the same page. This may vary by province, so make sure to check this handy guide for where you live and where you are moving to.
  • To change your postal address, you can do it easily online. No hassle, fee, or time restraints.
  • If you want to make sure any mail that gets sent to your old address is forwarded to you, you can use the Canada Post’s Mail Forwarding tool, or visit a post office and fill out a form in person. The fee is the same for both these options. To ensure your request for this service is approved, submit it at least five days before you move. If you want to be extra sure, Canada Post suggests filing your request up to 30 days in advance.
  • Arrange for utilities at your new address and cancel the old ones. Depending on your provider, this can be done online, over the phone, or in person.
  • Arrange for your telephone, Internet, and cable services to be transferred to your new address by Shaw or Telus.
  • Find out about garbage pickup, recycling, etc. services at your new address.

Don’t forget to get a change of address forms from the following places:

  • Driver’s license: this must be updated within six days of changing address.
  • Health cards: must be updated within 30 days of changing address.
  • Insurance
  • Employer
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Newspaper subscriptions
  • Other mailing lists
  • Memberships
  • Bank Accounts
  • Credit Cards
  • Veteran Affairs: this can be done online, and should be done before you discontinue living in your current address.
  • Employment Insurance: do this online before you move

Some of these will allow you to change your address information online. Others will vary, so make sure to know where to make the change and what your deadline is at least a month in advance to be safe.

Don’t wait until the last minute to get these steps done. Most can be done online and take less than an hour, so make yourself a personalized timeline with the steps applicable to you and complete it in advance so when the big day finally comes, all you have to worry about it getting unpacked and getting settled into your new home.

how to stage your home for sale

If you're reading this, you're probably right in the middle of the drudgery—I mean joy! —of selling your home. We understand it can be daunting, but it doesn't have to make you want to pull your hair out. We scoured the internet for the best tips and tricks for showing your home so you don't have to.

1. Clean Up

This may seem obvious, but cleaning the house should go beyond just making sure there aren't dishes in the sink. Make the beds for looks rather than utility. Make sure the mirrors don't have any leftover toothpaste flecks. Close closet doors, make sure towels are neatly folded, put personal items out of sight. Clean the litterbox, empty half-full trash cans. Tiny flaws may not stick out, but their absence will form a much better overall picture. And don't forget the yard!

2. Pare Down

Living in a home that is staged for showing can be stressful, but try to keep the end goal in mind. Be open to taking down family portraits, religious icons, or other personalized memorabilia that might draw viewers out of the home showing experience. Tidy the bits and stuff of everyday life into neat out-of-the-way storage. If you can't fit things out of sight in your home, consider getting a storage unit for the duration of the selling process to help declutter and streamline. A kitchen will be more visually appealing if the line of sight isn't interrupted by a dishtowel hanging on the oven, and a living room may look cluttered with those ornamental rugs. Keeping it simple makes it easy to imagine the future potential.

3. Engage the Senses

From the moment potential home buyers walk in, you want them to see, hear, smell, and feel comfortable. Turn on all the lights, and let in as much natural light as possible. Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature for the time of year. Consider playing very soft ambient music if it fits your style. Encourage them to touch and explore—vacuum carpet in a single direction so they want to dig their toes in. Leave doors ajar so they feel welcome to enter rooms. Don't use candles, air fresheners, or spritzing spray, as many people have allergies to these types of scent products. Opening the windows and airing out the house to bring in a neutral smell helps create a blank slate for viewers to imagine their own potential. If you're going to pull the 'baking cookie smell' trick, offer the cookies to simultaneously engage their smell and taste senses and make some good memories.

4. Make Yourself Scarce

If you are doing an open house, this rule applies to your physical presence. Don't hover, allow guests to mill as they please, give them space. They won’t talk about how they feel about the house in front of you, and will likely feel uncomfortable in your presence unless they seek you out. If your realtor is staging a private showing, leave the house completely to give them the freedom and ease to form honest opinions.

5. Make Them Want to Come Again

Offering brochures, pictures of the house treats, or even handwritten thank you notes will make your guests feel welcome and appreciated. Consider leaving pens and pre-written questionnaires for viewers to leave comments and suggestions. This helps them to feel like their opinions are valued, and will also help you create a better viewing experience in the future.

Best of luck to you on your home-selling adventure!

how long will your move take

The actual amount of time it takes to move can vary greatly. Keep in mind that these figures are general guidelines and cannot be guaranteed.

Top 8 Considerations

There are factors involved that may speed up or slow down the moving process. Here are a few other considerations to keep in mind when trying to determine how long your move will take.

1. Size of Moving Truck

If you are moving a one-bedroom apartment you can likely get away with using a smaller 1 Ton Moving Truck and should be able to complete your move in one trip. However, if you are moving a larger home you will want to use a larger truck to avoid multiple trips and save time.

2. Size of Your Moving Crew

Most moving companies offer additional helpers to help speed up moving day. Paying a bit more per hour to have your move completed faster should be relative to a lower hourly rate for a longer period.

3. Number of Pickups and Drop off Locations

If you require movers to pick up new furniture, appliances or drop off items at various locations make sure to factor this into your total moving time.

4. How prepared you are

Be packed and ready for the movers when they arrive. If you are still packing up last minute items or cleaning you may be paying your crew to wait around and your move will take longer than necessary.

5. The amount of furniture and fragile items you own

If you have lived in a house for over 10 years there is likely a lot of belongings you forgot about hiding in storage, sheds and throughout your property. We recommend customers purge before moving day to eliminate relocating items you no longer want or need. It is also equally important to note the number of fragile items you own (pianos, fine china, antiques) as extra time and care will go into relocating them safely.

6. How much assembly/disassembly is required

Desks, beds, cabinets, wall units, and exercise equipment are usually items that require disassembly and re-assembly in your new home. Another concern is whether to take everything apart yourself or let your moving company take care of it all. If you do not plan on having the moving company do this for you we recommend having this done before they arrive on Moving Day.

7. Accessibility

If the movers do not have good access and a longer walk to and from the truck expect your move to take a bit longer than normal. The flights of stairs they must navigate, hallways and access to a moving elevator also play a role when moving from or to Apartments.

8. Travel Time

The distance between your old apartment and your new one — and traffic or weather conditions on roads all play a role in the total time it takes to move into your new home.

In conclusion, the more information customers provide when booking the closer the timeline will be established. Our job is to get as much information as possible so that there are no misunderstandings or delays on Moving Day.

When real estate agents talk about staging your home they are referring to a method of decorating that is designed to show the property in its best light, showcasing desirable assets and downplaying the negative ones. Potential home buyers need to envision themselves living in your home. Adding too many personal touches can take this away.

Learn how you can appeal to the greatest pool of prospective buyers with these affordable home-staging tips:

Less Is More

Professional Stagers will often whisk away as much as half the owner's belongings to make the house look bigger. You don't have to be that drastic, but take a hard look at what you have and ask yourself what you can live without. If you cannot part with specific pieces or items you should consider renting a temporary storage unit to keep these things until you’re ready to move into your new home.

Change It Up

Don’t be scared to move some furniture around. Just because you bought something specifically for one room does not mean it won’t look great in another.

Need help with an internal move or reconfiguration click here

Add Valuable Upgrades

Simply offering the lowest price on the block is not enough to make a lasting impression. When potential buyers are viewing several homes in your neighbourhood, you’ll want yours to be the one that stands out for the right reasons. A good real estate agent will give you tips to improve both internal and external spaces, increasing the value of your home prior to selling.

Here’s a list of affordable upgrades:

  • A fresh coat of paint goes a long way
  • Install power outlets with USB Ports for more tech-savvy home buyers
  • Replace switch and outlet plates
  • Buy new Toilet Seats and Covers
  • Install new lighting fixtures throughout the home
  • Change door knobs, levers and cabinet hardware
  • Outfit closets for extra storage
  • Remove and or replace faded draperies and blinds
  • Turn a guest or storage room into a desirable home office, book room or gym

Improve the Lighting

Most homes are improperly lighted. To remedy, increase the wattage. Aim for a total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet. Make sure you have three types of lighting: ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading) and accent (table and wall).

Hire a Decorator

There’s a fine line between “neutral” and “boring” when it comes to decorating. Stagers suggest neutralizing because they have a goal of appealing to the greatest number of potential home buyers.We recommend hiring a professional stager/decorator so your home appeals to your target market.

Top 8 Light NEUTRAL Paint Colours for Home Staging, Selling

3 is Company

When it comes to eye-pleasing accessorizing, odd numbers are preferable. Rather than lining up a trio of accessories in a row, imagine a triangle and place one object at each point. For maximum effect, group accessories by colour, shape, texture or another unifying element.

If you are planning on putting your home on the market, any realtor will tell you that buyers prefer homes that look and smell clean. Ensuring your house is spotless greatly adds to your home’s appeal!

Here are some top priority cleaning tasks to help stage your home for sale:

  • A thorough cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchen including cabinet doors
  • Washing, vacuuming of all floors and carpets
  • The dusting of baseboards, pictures, lamp shades, window sills, furniture and light fixtures
  • Clean walls, door frames, baseboards

Detailed cleaning checklist

Increase Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is that undefinable something that draws you to a home. Our friends at Scoop, Cut N’ Shovel have provided this Curb Appeal Checklist to ensure your yard is ready for prospective buyers.

  • Clean up debris and garbage
  • Pick up Pet Waste before each showing
  • Remove dead or dying plants and replace them with new ones
  • If trees or shrubs are overgrown, trim them back
  • Keep Lawn freshly cut and trimmed
  • Get rid of weeds around the parameter of the home
  • Clean up sheds by washing and painting them
  • Test the sprinkler system to ensure it is in good working condition
  • Fertilize grass and plants to make them appear full, lush and healthy
  • Power wash and re-stain decks and outdoor wooden structures
  • Repair, paint or stain fencing and gates
  • Create focal points in the yard by adding a fire pit, seating area, a free-standing swing or a pond
  • Install decorative curbing around the perimeter of the yard to give it a finished look and feel
  • Raise flower beds and gardens to make a backyard seem colourful and three-dimensional
  • Add larger house numbers that make your home easy for homebuyers to find
  • Install lighting features so the yard can be viewed during the evening hours

Ask Alex how his team can help here

There’s definitely truth to the saying “you get what you pay for.” While finding a reasonable price is certainly important, less isn’t always better. If you run across a mover that offers prices substantially lower than others, make sure to ask questions and do your research. A good moving service will have the ability to move your belongings safely, within a realistic timeframe for a reasonable price. 

Here is a handy list of questions you can ask movers before booking:

How long have you been in business?

TSM Moving has moved thousands of Canadian Households and Business' since 1989.  We'll let you do the math.

What size of crew/moving truck will you be using?

TSM Moving offers smaller moving services with our 1 and 3 Ton Moving Trucks and can accommodate larger moves with our 5 and 7 Ton Moving Trucks. Most local moves in Calgary are completed with a 5 Ton Moving Truck, a driver and a moving helper. The size of your truck and crew will be determined when booking your move.

How do you determine the cost of a move?

For most local moves TSM Moving operates on an hourly rate. Please call the office or request your free online moving quote here. All long-distance moves are based on weight, confirmed by an in a home or office estimate an is flat rated.

Will I need to pay extra for fuel or taxes?

TSM Moving does have a fuel surcharge and is required to charge tax and this will be covered when booking your move.

Do you require a moving deposit?

TSM Moving does require a booking deposit to reserve your moving truck and crew. This will be covered when booking your move and will go towards your final bill total.

Are there any additional ways to save money on Moving Day?

TSM Moving recommends booking during the week and between the 5th and 25th of the month to get the best hourly moving rate.

When and how do I pay for my move?

TSM Moving will collect partial payment once the truck is loaded and a final payment on delivery.

What is your cancellation policy?

TSM Moving requires at least 48 hours notice for cancellations.

What kind of coverage do you offer?

TSM Moving offers Protection Plans and these will be reviewed with the client by the driver on moving day.

Moving to a new home can be stressful but with proper planning and preparation, moving day can be a breeze.

Preparing a survival kit can make a moving day so much smoother as you won’t have to continuously rummage through boxes to find the essentials. It may seem overwhelming to distill your entire household of possessions into an essentials box or bag but it can be done. The rule of thumb is to include all essentials that you'll need for at least 24 hours. Download the Moving Day Survival Kit Checklist and Move with Peace of Mind. 

Here are items you should pack in a moving survival kit for the first day in your new home:

Pack the First-aid kit

Moving heavy objects can result in a few nicks and scrapes. Be ready with Band-Aids, some antiseptic wipes, tweezers, and a few ibuprofen.

Don't forget about Priority Chargers

For all your essential electronics, such as your phone, laptop or tablet.

Bring Bedding for Everyone

Enjoy a good first-night sleep in your new home without rummaging through boxes to make the bed.

Pack Extra Clothing and Toiletries

Remember to bring soap, shampoo, toilet paper and towels and washcloths for cleaning up after your settled in.

Light Cleaning Supplies

 After the dust has settled, you’ll need glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, dish soap, rags, and a broom and dustpan.

Food and Drinks – don’t forget about FIDO

Move-in day isn’t the best time for a five-course meal. Bring food that doesn’t require much preparation, like pasta and sauce, cereal and milk, bread and peanut butter, canned soup, etc. Be sure to drink plenty of water on moving day to avoid dehydration.

Dishes and Cookware or Skip-the Dishes

You’ll need these for those easy meals. Include a pot and pan, serving spoon, and can opener. Make sure you bring enough dishes for everyone.


You will need that morning caffeine fix to start unpacking and organizing your new home.

Basic Tools 

You’d be surprised how much you can do with basics like a hammer, screwdriver, and pliers.

Light-bulbs or Flashlight

Just in case the old tenant/owner decided to take everything and the kitchen sink with them you don’t want to be left in the dark.

Scissors or Knife

For opening any boxes that are on their way to your new home, or packaged supplies you purchase for the new home.

Spring Cleaning and Moving Season are approaching fast , and many use this time to purge . Here are some ideas for some more unusual items in and around the home. 


The Good Life Community Bicycle Shop is a non-profit education and resource centre that uses bicycles as a vehicle to empowering individuals and communities through DIY & supported bicycle repair and maintenance, used bikes & parts, and workshops. 

Below is a list of other agencies/resources for donating slightly used sporting equipment:

Value Village

Women In Need Society 


Donate used glasses and frames to CLERC . Clerc is an official Lions Clubs International Eyeglass Recycling Centre provides recycled eyewear free of charge to people in developing countries.


Check out these creative solutions to the conundrum of what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding 

This program provides comfort for families by providing a beautiful gown for final burial services. There is no greater gift that can be given to a grieving family than affirming the importance of the life of their child by offering this simple gift. 

Fighting cancer. One Dress at a time. At The Brides’ Project, they accept and sell donated gowns with all profits going to cancer charities.

Below is a list of other agencies that will accept Wedding Dress and Clothing donations:

Value Village

Woman In Need Society


CPA Alberta

Thrift Store

Below is a list of other agencies that will accept Electronic donations:

Value Village

Women In Need Society 

Thrift Store


Find out when your next community clean up is to get rid of unwanted household items and property waste.


Most household and commercial paints are accepted for recycling but some material cannot be accepted here

Below are links to locations that will accept Paint Cans:




Their mission is to collect as many socks as possible for the homeless and would love it if you could help @


The Electronic Recycling Association’s key mandate is to reduce electronic waste. Most households and businesses have unwanted electronics taking up valuable storage space because they aren’t aware of disposal options, or are concerned about data security on their devices. Era prevent's unwanted computers, laptops and related electronic equipment from being prematurely destroyed or recycled by offering Canadian organizations and individuals secure and accessible disposal options. 

The City of Calgary and Edmonton have programs tailored towards E-Waste and more information regarding these initiatives can be found at the links below :